Join the Movement & Transform Your Life

The Changing the World for Women Forums

Our transformative forums harness the power of storytelling, the strength of community and the science of energy psychology to ignite real change in the lives of women worldwide.
Join the Movement & Transform Your Life
The Changing the World for Women Forums
Our transformative forums harness the power of storytelling, the strength of community and the science of energy psychology to ignite real change in the lives of women worldwide.
attn: Strong, Talented & Unique Women
The world is full of rules, most of them made by men. But women can do things differently by taking joyful risks. Put away your compass and step into the sunshine of unconstrained possibility. It's your turn to shine.
The Challenges Confronting Women
As a capable, unique and brilliant woman do you ever struggle with?
  • Falling into "the responsibility trap"

  • Taking credit for your hard-won accomplishments

  • Wondering if anyone wants a "strong" woman to love

  • Striking a balance between vulnerable & confident

  • Letting go of old fears about looking in the mirror

  • Finding time to take care of yourself & do the things you enjoy

  • Owning your power, loveability & self-worth

  • Summoning up the courage to put yourself out there & take big risks

What our Clients Say About the Forums
  • Lauren Kay Wyatt

    "The event itself was wonderful. She's a wonderful moderator. Even though I have a different background than she and the other woman, on the call, I felt very welcome and it was so interesting to hear their stories and experiences."

  • Wendy Isley
    Consulting Hypnotist / Liberty Hypnosis

    "There's huge benefits to having compassionate receivers for your thoughts, and having a safe space to be able to voice your experiences, and how you perceive women's empowerment and how to encourage it. It's a wonderful forum.”

  • Cayelin Castell
    Shamanic Astrologer /

    "It was a fun an interesting conversation and that can be very valuable especially to people who don’t have them all the time. This is a way to connect with people all over.”

Me too!
these Repatterning Forums were Created to Help You
  • build self-esteem
  • increase awareness of the mind body connection
  • access their inner warrioress
  • empower yourself in relationships
  • develop better communication skills
  • heal wounds from our childhood experiences and
  • allow risk taking behavior for innovative and joyful living
Why It Works
Uses Energy Psychology
Use storytelling and energy psychology to unlock creativity and empowerment quickly—at all levels.
Is Research-Backed
Proven to improve self-worth, social acceptance, physical and mental health, creativity and imagination, and interpersonal relationships.
Monthly themes
Through an exploration of different themes each month Teri will guide you through shifting those areas of your life most crucial to your success.
What our customers say ❤️
  • Dr. Meggie Mapes

    University of Kansas / Meggie Mapes LLC

    "The Women Who Risk Leader Forums are a great example of Leading through Listening, which stand out as an empathetic innovation to traditional masculinist models of leadership with the power to open up new dimensions in creativity and sustainable productivity—to make more possible for women who lead and organizations committed to women leading."

  • Valerie Martinelli

    "Bottom line is there are simply not enough of these kinds of conversations happening. What attracted me so much about Women Who Risk was the depth of the conversations and my strong feeling that we need to continue to have these conversations. We need to go deep if we want change."

  • Dr. Jan Kircher

    "Young women will find tremendous benefit in these forums, which will help them gain momentum toward their goals. The Women’s Leadership Forums help women find the connections, build the confidence and exhibit the courage they need to successfully navigate their personal and professional lives."

What You'll Receive
Each month, you'll join other fiercely intentional women and experience breakthroughs, new clarity and a sense of renewed energy.
  • You'll GAther Once a month
    Each month a different theme will be discussed. A group experience will be facilitated using Zoom focused on clearing blocks, overcoming obstacles, taking joyful risks and creating the results that matter to you.
  • Focus on Transforming Old Patterns
    Using Resonance Repaterning, Shamanic Astrology, coaching and a variety of other modalities Teri has created shifts for herself and her clients for 25+ years as a mentor and transformation agent.
  • Participate in joyful risk
    Learn from other women, share your own unique stories, struggles and successes and learn about joyful risk taking, leadership and innovative living from Teri.
  • and get access to the recordings
    If you miss a gathering, you'll have access via the Zoom recording. Access recordings again and again to reinforce positive change and create even more results.
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