Here's How we help Women Across the Globe Thrive

We help women across the globe thrive in their careers, to create happier lives and jobs for themselves, and empower the next generation of smart risk-taking women.

Discover Your Inner Leader
Our programs help women build self-esteem, increase awareness of the mind-body connection, and empower themselves in relationships through joyful risk taking and innovative living.
Resonance Repatterning Sessions

In these transformation focused sessions, you'll work one-on-one with Teri to:

  1. Shift specific thoughts, beliefs and patterns.
  2. Clear destructive patterns and unconscious blocks
  3. Establish increased clarity and centeredness
  4. Renew your energy at a deep level
  5. Create beneficial insights in the days and weeks after your session.
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High-End Private Mentoring
Private mentoring with Teri is a combination of support, encouragement, education and quantum shifts for women ready to step into their highest purpose and live lives of boldness, adventure and fulfillment.
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Innovative Training & Workshops
Teri’s workshops and forums are great for organizations that want to create a more innovative, inclusive and creative work environment. They’re research-backed, use storytelling and energy psychology to generate a quick return on investment, and proven to improve creativity, leadership skills, self-worth and interpersonal relationships.
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